June 28 - July 5

June 28 - Finally got the building permit today. Although plan review is normally only a day or two, we waited almost two weeks, mainly because there is only one reviewer and he had been on vacation right before we brought in our plans. As a consequence of the vacation, he was almost two weeks behind. We took the marked up plans to Jonathan's office where we discovered that the reviewer had stamped them to require a three-coat stucco system over the rammed earth! It took me only a minute to find the section of the code that says no coat is required. Unfortunately, the examiner was out of the office until Thursday, so we have more waiting to find out if he would relent on this issue, as well as some other more minor ones.

July 1 - Jonathan met with the reviewer and the stucco requirement is gone. There are a bunch of nuisance stamps on the plans that have no specific meaning other than we have to meet the code - they don't claim the plans are not in compliance. Kind of like a dog peeing on a tree to mark territory, I suppose.

July 2 - James picked up the underground water tank. It holds ~1400 gallons, or about 10 days supply. A large tank reduces the wear on the pump plus it provides a reserve in case something goes wrong with the well.  In case you're having trouble visualizing the size of a 1400 gallon tank, here's photo of the tank in James' truck in front of our house.