July 24-30

July 26 - The realities of construction in a remote location are driven home when our first pour is delayed because Cuba Ready-Mix wasn't mixing on Friday.  The lite-forms are delivered and set aside until the footings are poured. Lite-forms is an insulated concrete form (ICF) system that creates the forms for the pour and insulates the completed wall. Another factor that lead to our selection of Lite-forms was that we can use the forms to support the rammed earth forms, which would be problematic if we used standard forms that the contractor would want to pull once the pour was done. We'll talk more later about our experience with Lite-forms.

July 29 - Lonnie Pohl and his crew return to finish setting the forms, some rebar, and then pour the footings. The first hint of how much steel goes into the house appears with all the dowels in the footing to connect to the stem wall.

The pour is uneventful, which is a good thing when dealing with concrete.