August 8-15

James and I spent 4 days struggling with the forms, getting them reinforced, leveled, cleated, and assorted other tasks.  The scheduling was complicated by the fact that our big family reunion in Taos was scheduled for August 12-15.

August 12 - The plan is for James and me to head up to the site early to finish up some tasks, Elaine would follow with my mom and dad. James and I were joined by special guest worker, brother Michael.  Michael helped out with a variety of tasks, like sealing the openings in the forms with "Great Stuff" foam.

Michael and I also built an outhouse to replace the porta-potty that we returned because the price was ridiculous.  We didn't quite finish before we headed up to Taos, but we were close. About all that was left to do the roof. The outhouse provides a beautiful view down the valley.