August 16-23

August 17 - It's finally time to pour the concrete. Lonnie Pohl and his crew arrive, as do a parade of trucks from Cuba Ready-Mix.

Although Lonnie told Cuba how much concrete he would need for the pour, nobody at the ready mix plant mentioned that it exceeded their capacity for the day. About 2/3s of the way through the pour the arriving driver said his would be the last truck. Lonnie finished up as best he could and retired to Cuba for the night.

August 18 - Day 2 of the pour. Relatively uneventful - at least Cuba provided all the concrete we needed to finish the pour.

Despite the problems with the forms and because of Lonnie's attention to detail, the stem walls are quite level - 1/4" over the entire house (with a little more in the bedroom corner).

Things now drop into a lull while we wait for Gary Wee, the rammed earth contractor to move up to the site. He is tied up on a job in Cortez Colorado, which is going a little slower than anticipated.

Here we are on the 21st, admiring the finished concrete. We're standing in what will be the kitchen.  The notch in the stemwall to the left is where the triple sliding glass doors go.