October 4-10

Oct. 8 - The walls are still going up. The bedroom is almost complete, and the first "set" on the main building is complete. Now that the first sets have dried you can see what the final color will be, as well as some of the variation in color.

Below is a shot of the first piece of the living room wall.

And here's a closeup of the texture in the walls. Each panel of the forms has aged differently, resulting in a different texture for each part of the wall.

In the excitement of finally having walls, I've omitted a few other signs of progress. The septic tank and leach field are complete, the work of Robert Bridge, who you should recognize as the person who did the driveway and leveled the pad. We mounted the inverted on the wall of the storage container and I've started to wire it so we'll have AC power without having to run the generator just to operate the microwave oven.  The well is now permanently plumbed to the water tank and the piping and most of the tank are now buried. The trailer has reliable hot water and an operating furnace, finally.