October 24 - November 5

Late October - I bought a skidsteer at auction. Most folks are familiar with "Bobcat" which is a specific brand of skidsteer. The machine gets it's name from the fact that the there is no steering in the traditional sense; rather the machine steers by driving the wheels on one side at a different speed than the other. In fact, you can drive one side forward while driving the other side backward, pivoting in place.  Although this little puppy looks a little worse for wear, it turns out to be mostly in the paint. The folks at the Gehl dealer said it's quite a healthy little machine - the engine runs strong and there are no leaks in the hydraulics. Chalk it up to luck - it wouldn't even start at the auction yard because the battery was dead. We'll be using this around the site to move materials, grade the ground, and clean up the concrete turds that the readi-mix trucks always leave behind. For the long term, we'll be able to keep the driveway smooth and clear of snow. A few specs - weight is able 6000 lbs, payload is 1300 lbs. Kubota 55hp diesel engine. 

October 30 -  The walls are done and it's time to seal them. We are using Cure and Seal from RamSeal, an acrylic sealer formulated for this purpose. Sealing the walls serves two purposes - it reduces moisture penetration and it prevents the walls from "dusting", which would get really annoying inside the house. The walls are still wet from the sealer, which is applied with an ordinary garden-style sprayer. That's a lot of pumping to apply 35 gallons of the stuff. Fortunately I had long ago modified the sprayer so that I can pressurize it with my air compressor. As it was, it still took nearly the whole day.