November, 2005

Winter is closing in fast at the ranch. Overnight temps are falling routinely into the teens. The good news is that the sun remains bright and daytime highs reach high 50s and even into the 60s. That may not last much longer.  We've got the place closed in completely, although as of today (Nov 15) the entry door to the guest suite is still a temporary plywood door - the door company sent us the wrong door. It should be ready in time to install this weekend.  The really big news is that we had our final inspection today. We passed and received our certificate of occupancy (CO).

This means that we can legally occupy the house. It came just in time, too, because it was getting awfully cold in the trailer. Technically the state can permanently refuse to issue a CO if the house has been occupied prior to the final inspection. The inspector was unaware of this ever being invoked, but we didn't take any chances and continued to stay in the trailer until the CO was issued. This weekend will be our first in the house.


Not quite as impressive as a Rose Garden signing, here is Ray Armenta signing the CO.

One of our vast web audience has remarked that it has been hard to get a sense of the house, since most of the photos were details. So, here you go - the full frontal shot.

Here's a closeup of the entry into the dining room. The four windows next to the door are each hinged at the top and open outward.


The east wall is completely trimmed out now. This picture was taken last week. Since then, I've trimmed the bond beam so it has a crisp look to it now.