Late Summer, 2006

We've been working on getting the inside more than just livable, but even attractive. Elaine's archeology partner Dwight has been painting the trusses with a metallic aluminum paint to match the window frames. It makes a huge difference in the interior appearance, taking some of the industrial edge off of the trusses, which were primer gray and rust.
Up until now the window sills have been the raw rammed earth. Because of the way the windows were formed, the raw sills are very irregular and prone to "dusting" - releasing generous amounts of grit and dirt into the room. This is in the guest suite. The wood is to hold the tiles in place until the quickset has hardened.
The large corner window in the sewing room gets the same treatment, using the same rain-forest green marble tiles that form the diamonds in the shower tiles.

The powder room in the main house finally gets a sink. Very sleek, very modern, the perfect contrast to the rammed earth.