End of Summer, 2006


Summer is rapidly coming to a close at the ranch. By mid-September we're already seeing cold nights with heavy frost. We saw 17 in the second week of September and are routinely seeing overnight lows in the mid-20s.

Most of our time has been spent on walkways around the house. Here's a long walk from the front door to the dining room door, another from the dining room to the bedroom, plus walks to the shower and the future patio behind the glass wall. Each stone is 6"x6" and weighs around 6 pounds. You're looking at about 4 tons of pavers! The steel beams that form the perimeter of the roof have been painted a dark charcoal color. That's the last of the steel to need painting.
The front door now has a paved area, with a small patio to sit out in the afternoon sun. The walk to the guest suite is paved as is a walk to the driveway.  Note that the front door is now painted green - a real improvement over primer gray.

The inside continues to improve. Elaine found these beautiful brackets for glass shelves on the 'net. They are handcast in England. We had to wait for the artist to figure out how to accept US currency. He threw in the shipping for free since he hadn't yet figured out international shipping.
The entry to the bedroom now has it's pebble finish - the last of the entries to get the treatment. Elaine laid the stones freehand, creating a swirling pattern from the different colors.  The picture was taken before all the concrete haze was removed - the colors are brighter now.