September, Part II

Looks like we've dug up a submarine, doesn't it? Of course, this is actually our propane tank - 1000 gallons worth. With the remoteness, the snow, and the quality of the roads, we want to be prepared for a long spell between fillings if we have to.


Elaine and Teresa continued working on the bathroom. The tile work continued and the big project of the weekend was casting a concrete countertop with an integral sink.  The first step is to make a mold. We followed the method in Cheng's book on concrete countertops and used melamine, a very slick plastic laminate often used in kitchen cabinets.

The sink bowl is formed by the steel pan, while the cutouts for the drains are plastic pipe parts, covered with a thin sheet of foam to simplify removal.


The mold is filled with concrete made from the local sand, plus some dye to get the right color, since the high cement content would give the finished piece a grayish cast.


After about half of the concrete has been placed in the mold, we added rebar and wire mesh to reinforce the finished sink.


Here's the finished countertop and sink after being released from the mold.


The sink will sit on this rather rustic looking vanity. The face frame and doors are made from an old board salvaged on the ranch, probably from the corral. The knot holes were in just the right place to form the handles.

Finally, a couple of shots of the windows so you can get the feel for how the clerestories work, as well as some of the other glazing. The glaziers have been at work for well over a month. There have been several false starts and rework. We're running out of time before winter sets in.